Superior Purple Pigments
Eliminates unwanted warm or brassy tones in blondes, natural and colored hair. Refreshes cool tones between color services.

Sulfate Free Formula
Color safe and non-drying.

Vegan - Signature Fragrance 

Powered by:
• Quinoa Extract - Nourishes Hair Follicles & Scalp.
• Safflower Seed Oil - Hydrating.
• Rice Protein - Strength & Volume.

Pulp Riot Barcelona

  • Lather a small amount into wet hair, focusing on  the scalp area and letting the shampoo run through the ends as you rinse.

    How long should I leave Barcelona on my hair?

    Unlike a daily shampoo, you’ll want to let this sit on the hair for up to 10 minutes to achieve your desired amount of toning.

    Can Barcelona be used on highlighted hair?

    Yes. Barcelona will give an overall brightening effect to highlighted hair that has gone brassy.

    Can I use Barcelona to refresh hair that has been colored with Pulp Riot semi-permanent color?

    Absolutely. Barcelona can be used on natural or colored hair.