Icy Blonde: Revives clear, bright blondes for a striking statement. Adds lustrous shine. Takes away brassiness. Optically lightens up. Ideal for levels 10 and lighter.


Light Cool Blonde: Revives pure, iridescent blondes, keeping brassiness away. Brings back and adds glossy shine. Ideal for levels 9-10.


Light Warm Blonde: Revives soft beige tones for a beautiful natural blonde. Adds shine. Balance to a natural blonde tone. Supports and gives back the sunny-golden hue. Counteracts greenish/matte fading. Optimal for levels 9-10.


Dark Warm Blonde: Revives elegant caramel blondes with rich, reflective shine. Supports and adds velvety glossy shine. Gives back expressiveness. Keeps the warm glow. Optimal on levels 7-8


Warm Brown: Revives stunning brunette radiance, refreshes and intensifies the color. Adds radiant shine. Cares for even color appearance. Counteracts dullness. Provides cared for looking hair color. Optimal on levels 5-6.


Cool Brown: Revives cool, sensual brunette tones with sophisticated shine. Helps to even out yellowish or orange fading. Prevents dull hair color. Optimal on level 6-7, from level 4-5 will lead to good results as well.


Warm Red: Revives rich copper-reds, keeping beautiful brilliance and vibrancy. Adds brilliant gloss and shine. Refreshes and intensifies the red. Counteracts fading to yellowish shades. Optimal on level 6-7 (works also on level 8).


Cool Red: Revives sultry red-violets, keeping them vivid and glossy. Supports the sparkling shine. Counteracts unwanted warmth. Keeps the cool attitude. Optimal on levels 5-6.

Goldwell Colour Revive, Colour Giving Conditioner

  • Work through wet hair.

    - For a soft reviving hue or for daily use, leave on for only 2 minutes and rinse.

    - For intensive color refreshing, leave on for up to 5 minutes and rinse.

    - Use weekly to only slightly refresh color.

  • - MicroPROtec with direct dyes provide quick and even distribution for optimal care and color refreshment.

    - Luminescine: transforms non-visible UV light into visible light for a magnificent brilIiance.